The delivery time is seven weeks from the date of formalized order placement. This includes the three weeks for the delivery of components and materials and the addition four weeks required for installation and assembly.

The FACE module is electrically fitted. In a matter of a few hours, at most, electricity can be connected on site. You can execute connections in advance of the delivery of your unit to make set up seamless and time efficient. Should you decide to ground your unit in a rural area and need an electric supplier or a sustainable power option, we can assist you.

The FACE module is constructed with galvanized steel joists which provide superior foundation support. This construction is suitable for most American climates and soil. In most cases, there is no need it build supplemental foundation support. However, we are able to provide a concrete supplemental foundation, at an additional cost, should we determine after conducting a third party geotechnical analysis, free of charge, that your site needs additional foundation support.

The FACE module can be installed from the Appalachians to Himilayas. The solution is “turn-key”. Assembly is handled completely by our team of trusted and bonded contractors.

The FACE module can be installed from the Appalachians to Himilayans. The solution is “turn-key”. Assembly is handled completely by our team of trusted and bonded contractors.

The FACE module is classed in timber and the walls are sheathed in white gypsum board. Flooring and fitting can be customized minimally. Solar panels and a solar generator are additional add-on features.

The FACE module’s windows and exterior enclosure which shields a portion of the unit are constructed from anti-theft glass. The glass is double glazed with an air chamber and a hear transmission of  1.4W (m2k) and the framework is constructed of thick gauge high grade aluminum.

The FACE module consists of fiberglass batt insulation throughout with the absence of thermal bridges.

The life expectancy is comparable to that of a conventional home given regular maintenance. However, the light steel frame is insured for one year from the date of purchase.

The height of the module is 8.5’. The width of the module is 13.5’. The length of the structure is 15.5’.

The cost of transportation depends on location site.

Looking to start a business, to introduce a new idea to a local market place, to open a temporary “pop – up” retail location or a structure to market your newly designed products at a trade show? If so, Face Module is the solution for your needs!

The Face module is an affordable answer to your business needs. We are dedicated to quality and thus have integrated the intellect of an engineer with the craftsmanship of a master constructor. At the click of a button, you can select the quality components that suit your business needs!

All of Face’s founders consider themselves dreamers! As a result, we wanted to develop a product that would empower dreamers with ability to make their dreams come true. We designed our module unit with the entrepreneur, the designer, the tastemaker, the developer, the fitness enthusiast and anyone with dreams big enough to need a well designed ” small” space. At the forefront of our development was a design small enough to fit in a backyard.

The sound design of the unit makes it suitable to serve as an office space, workshop, recording studio or design studio. It can conform and even be moved to the perfect spot where you can work on making your dreams come true.

Having your own unit can save you the hassle of landlords, real estate agents brokers and can finance itself when used as a brick and mortar retail space. Less hassles and headaches translate into more time for you to build your dreams, while we build your unit! That’s our dream!

Let’s FACE it, time to put your dreams in our hands!

The FACE module comes with a one-year standard manufacturer’s warranty for certain types of defects that may occur within the first year of homeownership. The module includes the structure, and electrical systems. You also have 30 days after the home is installed to report any cosmetic detailing issues that are the result of a home building or set-up flaw and are present at the time the home is delivered. The following items are not insured; structures added to the home, normal deterioration due to wear and exposure, abuse, misuse, negligence or accident.